Join us in our efforts to help our community. 

  • Overrides are about people and programs – they can’t be used for construction.
  • The override funds teacher pay to help attract and retain quality teachers and keep class sizes small. It also funds important staff positions including nurses, assistant principals, and physical education teachers. 
  • Bonds fund construction and equipment – they can’t be used for staffing.
  • The bond is focused on student and teacher safety including investments in school security and key renovations to facilities in need of repair including air conditioning, heating, roofing projects, restrooms, parking, and other critical items.
  • Schools play a key part in our ability to attract jobs and economic opportunities. Businesses want to locate in communities that have safe and well-maintained schools, small class sizes, and quality programs.
  • Peoria Unified School District did an excellent job of serving our community during this pandemic. They have served meals for those in need, helped students with technology, and embraced online teaching to keep students learning.  Now is not the time to slash their budget.

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