Westside Concepts

Please join me in voting YES on the override and bond for Peoria Unified School District. As a local business owner and parent of four students in the district, I can tell you firsthand of the benefit that quality schools provide for our community.

As a parent, I understand that Peoria Unified School District continues to be ranked as one of the best districts in the state because of the great people and programs offered. Voters have approved override funds for the past 23 years that has allowed our schools to attract and retain the best teachers. Overrides also allow our schools to provide programs like athletics, arts, music, physical education, gifted education and full-day Kindergarten. These programs and quality teachers help inspire my children to love learning.

As a local business owner, it is clear that quality schools are good for our economy. Businesses want to locate in our neighborhoods because their employees want good schools for their children. This benefits everyone by attracting high wage jobs to our area and helps preserve property values.

I hope you join me in voting YES on the override and bond to support our schools, students and local economy.