Vice President, McCarthy Building Companies

Please support Peoria Unified School District by voting YES on the override and bond this fall.

We have been proud to be a partner in providing educational opportunities to students across Arizona. While we specialize in construction, we understand the value and positive impact that a quality education has on everyone’s lives and that safe and modern schools provide our local community with advantages in the form of economic development and growth. With continued investment in the renovation of schools, teachers and students are able to focus on what matters most: learning.

Quality schools with top notch programs benefit the entire community. Retaining the best teachers helps keep students engaged with their schoolwork and keeps them out of trouble. Top rated schools attract businesses and other economic opportunity to the neighborhood. This combination helps protect property values and keeps crime low.

Peoria Unified Schools have been ranked some of the best in the state for many years. We encourage you to vote YES on the override and bond to continue investing in local schools that benefit our entire community.