Life-long Republican

As a life-long Republican, I am committed to fiscal responsibility and more efficient government. Providing quality education to our youth is a critical part of government under local control that has greatly benefited Peoria – that is why I am voting YES on the school override and bond.

For over two decades, our community has invested in Peoria schools and we are headed in the right direction. Modern and well-maintained schools preserve property values because businesses and residents want to locate near them. Peoria’s continued investment in quality schools has played a key part in attracting jobs and economic opportunities to our area.

We all benefit from investing in quality schools in our community. Quality teachers capture the energy of our youth, teach the value of hard work and keep students out of trouble. An educated workforce attracts business investment that boosts our local economy.

Most important, the override is not a new tax – it is a continuation of local funding we have had in place for over two decades years. Quality schools make Peoria a great community to live in, join me in voting YES on the override and bond.