Republican Parent of 2 PUSD Graduates

As a community member on the Peoria Unified Citizen’s Bond and Override Advisory committee, we were tasked to recommend a Maintenance and Operations Override and/or Bond to the School District Governing Board to seek voter approval. Over several months, Data including a District-wide Facility utilization study, growth statistics, enrollment and education around the District’s financial (Bond) capacity of $363 Million dollars were presented.

There was debate around the short term and long-term consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic. While the District has the capacity of 363 million, the focus was on 1-5 year Critical and Essential Needs for maintenance and repairs of the 41 + schools and capital items such as busses. The recommendation to go out for a reduced 125 million Bond for repairs provides time and flexibility to deal with the Pandemic in the short-term.

Your vote for the Peoria School District Maintenance and Operations Override continues the local funding that has been in place for 23 years and the small Bond maintains the schools in your neighborhood, all without a tax increase. I ask for your YES vote based on the information provided. Inform yourself; don’t rely on a yellow piece of paper telling you how to vote.