President & CEO, Peoria Chamber of Commerce

The Peoria Chamber of Commerce is the “voice of business”. Our primary focus is in the development and prosperity of our business community. We advocate for business, encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit while proudly displaying our patriotism and promoting our diverse community with honor and integrity. Our vision is to serve as a role model civic leader, providing businesses with exceptional resources to facilitate opportunities that foster a prosperous economy, continued growth and a healthy community.

We believe that the support of quality education plays a strategic role in our communities’ ability to attract economic opportunities, jobs and consumer growth to the area. We need to continue to support our local schools by voting Yes on the Peoria Unified School District Override and Bond this November. Both issues support our community’s important education needs without raising taxes. These resources are critical to excellence and the education of tomorrow’s leaders and business owners.

Peoria attracts new business because we have built a reputation of safe and well-maintained schools, small class sizes, offering quality programs. With your full support it will stay that way. Join the Peoria Chamber of Commerce, the Voice of Business, in voting Yes.