President and CEO, Westmarc

Economic forecasts and growth projections show that the economic opportunity for the future of Arizona lies within Western Maricopa County. Over the next 25 years, 49.5% of the growth in Maricopa County will occur in the West Valley. WESTMARC continues to work with regional stakeholders to ensure this community is ready to meet the associated demands and continues to implement West Valley pipeline workforce development strategy.

The West Valley is primed for economic development growth. To accomplish this, WESTMARC is focused on demonstrating the region’s workforce, increased buying power, and high quality of life. It’s clear the quality education at all levels is an important part of accomplishing all three of these goals. In addition to supporting higher education opportunities, it also means backing local efforts such as the Peoria Unified School District Override and Bond.

This local funding supports PUSD’s efforts to offer quality education and train our future workforce. The override funds people and programs that keep class sizes small and fund important staff. The critical needs bond funds school security and replacing aging equipment. The district has ensured that these items will not require a tax increase. Both are worthy investments and we hope you will join us in voting yes.