Peoria United Parent Council

Peoria United Parent Council

We recognize the important role that parents play in supporting our schools and ensuring the best possible education for all students in our community.  Public School Review agrees stating, “Extensive research has shown that students achieve more in school when their parents are involved in their education.”

The time has come for our community to join in with parents to show their commitment to our quality of life by supporting our schools.  The override is a continuation of the existing revenue that has been in place in one form or another for more than two decades.  It funds essential people such as nurses and important programs such as athletics, arts, music, PE, and others.  Without it, $28 million will be slashed causing irreparable damage to many of the people and programs that bring purpose and passion to our students.

The bond is for critical needs, not “wants”.  These are the most pressing improvements to schools across the district such as school security, replacing aging air conditioning and roofs that don’t leak – not luxury items.

We need to continue to look towards the future when things get back to “normal” and recognize that both the override and bond will be needed at that point.

Join the Peoria United Parent Council in voting yes on BOTH the override and bond.