Peoria City Council

As a City Council, we do our part to build a strong community, but we also recognize that our schools have an important role to play. That’s why we support the Peoria Unified School District override and bond. Both ballot items are critical to the success of our schools and both are achieved without a tax rate increase.

By investing in the schools in our community, we not only show a commitment to education, we also increase our ability to attract high quality, sustainable jobs. Peoria’s success as a great place to live and attract economic opportunities relies on our commitment to quality development and our history of excellent schools.

The Peoria City Council is working very well together to build a stronger Peoria and invest in our quality of life. Help us make sure that it stays that way – join us in voting yes on the PUSD bond and override.

    • Vice Mayor Michael Finn
    • Councilmember Bridget Binsbacher
    • Councilmember Denette Dunn
    • Councilmember Jon Edwards
    • Councilmember Vicki Hunt
    • Councilmember Bill Patena