Mayor Cathy Carlat

Peoria is heading in the right direction. Our quality of life is earning national recognition as Peoria has recently ranked in the top 10 “Best Cities for First-Time Home Buyers” and the top 15 “safest cities in America” according to WalletHub.

Our schools are a major part of our success and contribute to our quality of life. That is why I am encouraging everyone to vote YES on the Peoria Unified School District Override and Bond. The override is a continuation of what is already in place and the bond will should keep the secondary rate at or below its current level.

There is nothing extra or non-essential about this. The override protects teacher pay and keeps class sizes small. The bond pays for some critical construction and equipment needs including school security and replacing aging air conditioners, roofing, and other items.

Quality schools play a key role in attracting businesses and economic opportunities. We need good schools to train the quality, competitive workforce for companies to hire to support our long-term success. Support all of Peoria by voting Yes on the override and bond.