Glendale Councilmember

I encourage residents to vote YES, YES in support of the bond and override for Peoria Unified School District. This also affects those schools located in Glendale but are in the Peoria Unified School District. As a former school board member, I understand firsthand the challenges faced by our schools. Schools play a key part in the city’s ability to attract jobs and economic opportunities. Businesses want to locate in communities that have safe and well-maintained schools, small class sizes, and quality programs. Your YES, YES vote will support the District’s efforts to develop a competitive workforce to ensure our community’s long-term success. Voting YES, YES is an investment in our quality of life. People choose to live in our community because we have excellent property values and low crime. Our schools play a key role in keeping it that way. Both the bond and override support our community’s important education needs without raising taxes. This is NOT a tax increase. Please vote YES, YES to ensure students are prepared for a successful future as a responsible citizen who positively contributes to society, our community and the workforce.