Former PUSD board member

The Peoria Unified School District is a leader in public education because of support received in the past from community members who recognize the value of consistent quality and excellence in education. Your support of both the bond and the override will assure continuation of both.

Bond money will be used for badly needed critical repairs to assure the safety and well-being of PUSD students and staff. The override is a renewal of the one currently in place. That money will be spent for continuing services provided by health care professionals, teacher compensation as well as programs including arts, gifted and physical education.

Your support of both requests is crucial. Please remember that the Legislature created overrides to allow local school communities to provide additional funding for their schools when Legislative funding has been inadequate. In addition, although state-level funding for bond-related expenditures has virtually dried up, the need for building maintenance and repairs has not disappeared.

Again, keep in mind that the override is not a tax increase. It is a continuation of the one already in place. Vote Yes! Show your support for all PUSD students and staff in these tough times.