Peoria Schools Graduate

As a proud graduate of Peoria schools, I encourage you to join me in voting YES on the override and bond this November.

Though the efforts of caring teachers and staff at Peoria schools, I was prepared for university life and beyond; and today I benefit professionally because of the education I received. My teachers inspired me to work hard, give my all and give back to the community. I learned a tremendous amount about sciences, writing and government. I came to understand what I wanted to achieve in life. Involvement in clubs and activities connected me to the community and taught me about servant leadership.

A YES vote on the override will insure we can provide quality programs and competitive salaries to retain top teachers. Voting YES on the bond will help schools keep modern technology in the classroom and improve student safety. Voting YES on both is a proven formula for success. Future generations of students will continue to excel in Peoria schools and give back to our greater economy and country. Together we can develop a hardworking, highly educated and well-rounded future generation of workers, leaders and patriots.