Charter School Parent

As the parent of three children that have attended a charter school in Peoria to meet their unique needs, I strongly encourage all residents that live within the Peoria Unified School District Boundaries to vote for the PUSD Override and Bond this November. I have many friends and family members that attend PUSD schools and while we have chosen a different elementary environment for our children at different times, I recognize the benefits to our community of a high-quality public education systemwhere the majority of students in the area attend. As our oldest child is currently attending a PUSD public high school, I know first-hand the importance of the override for retaining quality teachers, supporting school nurses (especially during this pandemic and moving forward), as well as to ensure overall safety, to support the arts, athletic, and CTE programs, and to maintain a strong district to continue to attract new businesses and employers . A yes vote is a vote for a stronger community for everyone!