Chairman, Support Peoria Students PAC

Our community is headed in the right direction and we need to keep it that way. Quality schools help protect your property values and reduce crime. We need to invest in our school system to protect our quality of life. That is why we are asking you to join us in voting Yes on the Peoria override continuation and critical needs bond. Our district is one of the top school districts in the state and we need to continue to support their efforts to educate a quality, competitive workforce to support our area’s long-term success. Vote Yes to:

  •  Train our future workforce
  • Attract jobs and economic opportunities
  • Fund teacher pay, student safety, and necessary repairs

The override is not a new tax – it is a continuation of the local funding that our schools have had in place for the past 24 years. The secondary property tax rate for the critical needs bond is expected to remain at or below $1.48, which means the tax rate will not increase.

We need to support our schools now more than ever. Please join “Support Peoria Students” in voting Yes on both issues!