Mayor Cathy Carlat

Peoria is heading in the right direction. Our quality of life is earning national recognition as Peoria has recently ranked in the top 10 “Best Cities for First-Time Home Buyers” and the top 15 “safest cities in America” according to WalletHub. Our schools are a major part of our success and contribute to our quality of life. That is why I am encouraging everyone to vote YES on the Peoria Unified School District Override and Bond. The override is a continuation of what is already in place and the bond will should keep the secondary rate at or below its… Read more “Mayor Cathy Carlat”

Mayor Cathy Carlat

Former Superintendent, Peoria Unified School District

For 35 years, I had the pleasure of serving the people of the Peoria Unified School District. Starting as a teacher in the classroom, I went on to serve as an assistant principal, principal, K-12 administrator, assistant superintendent, deputy superintendent and ultimately as the superintendent. It was one of the greatest honors of my life. During that time, we helped the district grow into the fourth largest school district in the state – now serving more than 37,000 students and 4,000 staff in 42 schools across the district. Working together with teachers, students, parents, staff, administrators, and our community, we… Read more “Former Superintendent, Peoria Unified School District”

Dr. Denton Santarelli

Former PUSD board member

The Peoria Unified School District is a leader in public education because of support received in the past from community members who recognize the value of consistent quality and excellence in education. Your support of both the bond and the override will assure continuation of both. Bond money will be used for badly needed critical repairs to assure the safety and well-being of PUSD students and staff. The override is a renewal of the one currently in place. That money will be spent for continuing services provided by health care professionals, teacher compensation as well as programs including arts, gifted… Read more “Former PUSD board member”

Julia Smock

Glendale Councilmember

I encourage residents to vote YES, YES in support of the bond and override for Peoria Unified School District. This also affects those schools located in Glendale but are in the Peoria Unified School District. As a former school board member, I understand firsthand the challenges faced by our schools. Schools play a key part in the city’s ability to attract jobs and economic opportunities. Businesses want to locate in communities that have safe and well-maintained schools, small class sizes, and quality programs. Your YES, YES vote will support the District’s efforts to develop a competitive workforce to ensure our… Read more “Glendale Councilmember”

Councilmember Jamie Aldama, Ocotillo District, City of Glendale

Peoria City Council

As a City Council, we do our part to build a strong community, but we also recognize that our schools have an important role to play. That’s why we support the Peoria Unified School District override and bond. Both ballot items are critical to the success of our schools and both are achieved without a tax rate increase. By investing in the schools in our community, we not only show a commitment to education, we also increase our ability to attract high quality, sustainable jobs. Peoria’s success as a great place to live and attract economic opportunities relies on our… Read more “Peoria City Council”

Peoria City Council

President & CEO, Glendale Chamber of Commerce

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce asks for your support for the continuation of the District Override and Bond for the Peoria Unified School District. Continuation of bond will not create a new tax but will continue the existing funding and will allow for continuation of successful programs essential for achievement. The Glendale Chamber of Commerce represents nearly 1,400 area businesses and recognizes the value of continued investments in our education system. Additionally, we understand the obligation we have to better educate our business leaders of the future. Our business community’s sustainability depends on our continued support of a quality education… Read more “President & CEO, Glendale Chamber of Commerce”

Robert W. Heidt Jr

President & CEO, Peoria Chamber of Commerce

The Peoria Chamber of Commerce is the “voice of business”. Our primary focus is in the development and prosperity of our business community. We advocate for business, encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit while proudly displaying our patriotism and promoting our diverse community with honor and integrity. Our vision is to serve as a role model civic leader, providing businesses with exceptional resources to facilitate opportunities that foster a prosperous economy, continued growth and a healthy community. We believe that the support of quality education plays a strategic role in our communities’ ability to attract economic opportunities, jobs and consumer growth to… Read more “President & CEO, Peoria Chamber of Commerce”

President & CEO, Peoria Chamber of Commerce

Peoria United Parent Council

We recognize the important role that parents play in supporting our schools and ensuring the best possible education for all students in our community.  Public School Review agrees stating, “Extensive research has shown that students achieve more in school when their parents are involved in their education.” The time has come for our community to join in with parents to show their commitment to our quality of life by supporting our schools.  The override is a continuation of the existing revenue that has been in place in one form or another for more than two decades.  It funds essential people… Read more “Peoria United Parent Council”

President and CEO, Westmarc

Economic forecasts and growth projections show that the economic opportunity for the future of Arizona lies within Western Maricopa County. Over the next 25 years, 49.5% of the growth in Maricopa County will occur in the West Valley. WESTMARC continues to work with regional stakeholders to ensure this community is ready to meet the associated demands and continues to implement West Valley pipeline workforce development strategy. The West Valley is primed for economic development growth. To accomplish this, WESTMARC is focused on demonstrating the region’s workforce, increased buying power, and high quality of life. It’s clear the quality education at… Read more “President and CEO, Westmarc”

Sintra Hoffman

Founder of Chasse Building Team

As part of our business models, we are committed to supporting education; and, we have a great partnership with the Peoria Unified School District. It is exciting to see the first-class educational programs offered in the district, and the hard work of teachers in preparing students for higher education and entering the workforce. We know that it takes an entire community to help educate students, and we are asking you to partner with us in supporting the Peoria Unified School District. The district is asking voters to approve a bond election. The bond will help the district purchase technology for… Read more “Founder of Chasse Building Team”

Barry Chasse

President, Glendale Community College

Glendale Community College (GCC) is proud to partner with Peoria Unified School District (PUSD.) It is the strength of this partnership that allows us to positively impact the lives of students and families in the community we proudly serve. The strength of PUSD is the dedicated teachers and staff who are committed to educating the future residents and leaders of Peoria and the West Valley. The override will be used to support faculty, staff, and programs in order to keep our students and staff safe as well as provide a competitive compensation that will attract and retain high quality teachers.… Read more “President, Glendale Community College”

Teresa Leyba Ruiz, Ed.D

President, Peoria Fire Fighters Association

Dear Voters, The Peoria Firefighters Association are always ready to answer our community’s call for help. We’ve been protecting and serving Peoria for nearly a century. We recognize that our community’s quality of life is made up of many things, but two of the biggest contributing factors are: public safety and access to quality education. That is why we support our Peoria schools and encourage you to vote yes on both the Peoria Unified School District override and bond. The override protects teacher pay and funds key programs. The critical needs bond funds construction and equipment to keep our students… Read more “President, Peoria Fire Fighters Association”

Hunter Clare

President, Arizona School Boards Association, 2016

As a former President of the Arizona School Boards Association, I’ve had the opportunity to observe and engage with school districts around the state. The Northwest Valley is fortunate to have the Peoria Unified School District, with its impressive reputation, exemplary graduation rate and incredibly diverse opportunities for all students. The failure to pass recent local ballot measures to support neighborhood schools is concerning. This sends a dangerous message to the broader business community about the Northwest Valley. As our region tries to compete with other parts of the Valley for higher paying jobs and greater opportunities, other communities, in… Read more “President, Arizona School Boards Association, 2016”

Kathy Knecht

Chairman, Support Peoria Students PAC

Our community is headed in the right direction and we need to keep it that way. Quality schools help protect your property values and reduce crime. We need to invest in our school system to protect our quality of life. That is why we are asking you to join us in voting Yes on the Peoria override continuation and critical needs bond. Our district is one of the top school districts in the state and we need to continue to support their efforts to educate a quality, competitive workforce to support our area’s long-term success. Vote Yes to:

Matthew Bullock

2020 Graduate, Future Sailor

My name is Connor Southard and I graduated from Cactus High School with the Class of 2020. Although my last couple months of my senior year were cut short, I feel as though I did not miss out at all! I was quite involved throughout my high school career but most notably I was a member of my schools AFJROTC unit; run by PUSD’s CTE. Without AFJROTC, I would be nowhere as ready to take on my military career as I am now. Equipped with the knowledge and exposure given to me, I am forever grateful of how much CTE… Read more “2020 Graduate, Future Sailor”

Connor Southard

Westside Concepts

Please join me in voting YES on the override and bond for Peoria Unified School District. As a local business owner and parent of four students in the district, I can tell you firsthand of the benefit that quality schools provide for our community. As a parent, I understand that Peoria Unified School District continues to be ranked as one of the best districts in the state because of the great people and programs offered. Voters have approved override funds for the past 23 years that has allowed our schools to attract and retain the best teachers. Overrides also allow… Read more “Westside Concepts”

Joey Lucidi

President, Peoria Education Foundation

The board of the Peoria Education Foundation is made up of local business owners, professionals, current and retired educators, and community members at large. We volunteer to raise funds to ensure that deserving students who graduate from the Peoria Unified School District can take advantage of post-secondary educational opportunities, and that innovative teachers have the resources they need to provide exceptional learning opportunities in their classrooms. We do this because we are committed to the promise of a quality education that allows students to fulfil their hopes and dreams, and that will grow a skilled workforce and knowledgeable society for… Read more “President, Peoria Education Foundation”

Tamara Caraway

Vice President, McCarthy Building Companies

Please support Peoria Unified School District by voting YES on the override and bond this fall. We have been proud to be a partner in providing educational opportunities to students across Arizona. While we specialize in construction, we understand the value and positive impact that a quality education has on everyone’s lives and that safe and modern schools provide our local community with advantages in the form of economic development and growth. With continued investment in the renovation of schools, teachers and students are able to focus on what matters most: learning. Quality schools with top notch programs benefit the… Read more “Vice President, McCarthy Building Companies”

Michael Ray Gonzalez

Charter School Parent

As the parent of three children that have attended a charter school in Peoria to meet their unique needs, I strongly encourage all residents that live within the Peoria Unified School District Boundaries to vote for the PUSD Override and Bond this November. I have many friends and family members that attend PUSD schools and while we have chosen a different elementary environment for our children at different times, I recognize the benefits to our community of a high-quality public education systemwhere the majority of students in the area attend. As our oldest child is currently attending a PUSD public… Read more “Charter School Parent”

Jason Keane

Local Realtor

As a Peoria resident and real estate professional, we are proud to help families find the right home in communities across the Valley. We are voting YES for the Peoria Unified School District override and bond this election because quality schools are vital to our community and help protect property values. While reality TV glamorizes home remodels, the truth remains that vibrant local schools have some of the greatest impact on a home’s value. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, “25% of home buyers listed school quality and 20% listed proximity to schools as deciding factors in their home… Read more “Local Realtor”

Lisa Copley

President, Peoria Police Officers Association

The Peoria Police Officer’s Association believes we have a responsibility to not only protect the citizens of Peoria, but also to build trust through exceptional community service. We understand that public safety is of paramount importance to the community that we serve and our goal each day is to ensure every man, woman, and child in this community are safe. To us, this means investing in public safety at all levels – including our schools. We support the Peoria Unified School District Override and Bond because both of these initiatives will help the safety and security of our community.

Cameron Lebbon

Republican Parent of 2 PUSD Graduates

As a community member on the Peoria Unified Citizen’s Bond and Override Advisory committee, we were tasked to recommend a Maintenance and Operations Override and/or Bond to the School District Governing Board to seek voter approval. Over several months, Data including a District-wide Facility utilization study, growth statistics, enrollment and education around the District’s financial (Bond) capacity of $363 Million dollars were presented. There was debate around the short term and long-term consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic. While the District has the capacity of 363 million, the focus was on 1-5 year Critical and Essential Needs for maintenance and repairs… Read more “Republican Parent of 2 PUSD Graduates”

Annette McCarty-Abraham

Member of the Arizona Veteran’s Hall of Fame and Past National President of the Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association-Army Women United (WACVA-AWU)

After High School I went to college, but college was not for me. I joined the Army where I received hands on training as a medical corpsman and as a dental lab technician. This hands-on training was perfect for me. I was invited to a Patron Tour, (retirees and business owners invited to tour Peoria Unified Schools) So many times; we hear Schools do not teach Vocational classes anymore. I was amazed at the Career and Technical Education programs offered. Peoria High School had a fish farm and garden for Agriculture and Auto-body shop where students were working on cars.… Read more “Member of the Arizona Veteran’s Hall of Fame and Past National President of the Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association-Army Women United (WACVA-AWU)”

Eldora M. Engebretson

Peoria Schools Graduate

As a proud graduate of Peoria schools, I encourage you to join me in voting YES on the override and bond this November. Though the efforts of caring teachers and staff at Peoria schools, I was prepared for university life and beyond; and today I benefit professionally because of the education I received. My teachers inspired me to work hard, give my all and give back to the community. I learned a tremendous amount about sciences, writing and government. I came to understand what I wanted to achieve in life. Involvement in clubs and activities connected me to the community… Read more “Peoria Schools Graduate”

Christian M. Williams

Life-long Republican

As a life-long Republican, I am committed to fiscal responsibility and more efficient government. Providing quality education to our youth is a critical part of government under local control that has greatly benefited Peoria – that is why I am voting YES on the school override and bond. For over two decades, our community has invested in Peoria schools and we are headed in the right direction. Modern and well-maintained schools preserve property values because businesses and residents want to locate near them. Peoria’s continued investment in quality schools has played a key part in attracting jobs and economic opportunities… Read more “Life-long Republican”

Local Business Owners

As local business owners, Republicans and parents of five boys, we believe in fiscal stewardship and appropriately sized government. That’s why we support conservative policies limiting our taxpayer dollars to core functions. People choose to live in our communities because we have excellent property values and low crime. Our schools play a key role in keeping it that way. Land values will decline if we do not provide the education infrastructure for our future workforce.

  • Both issues on the ballot support our community’s important education needs without raising taxes.
  • The Maintenance and Operations override is not a tax increase… Read more “Local Business Owners”
Blair and Shawna Jenner

Former Superintendent, Peoria Unified School District

I invite you to join me in voting YES on the Peoria Unified School District override and bond. It has been my honor to work with the Peoria Unified School District for the past 30 years. As Superintendent, I was proud of the amazing work our dedicated staff and teachers did to educate our students. Their dedication has helped make Peoria Unified School District one of the top school districts in the state and we need to continue to support their efforts to educate a quality, competitive workforce. YES votes on the override and bond will help ensure that school… Read more “Former Superintendent, Peoria Unified School District”

Linda Palles Thompson

President, Peoria Unified Governing Board

As we enter the 2020-2021 academic year, PUSD is making global adjustments that have the best interest, health and wellness of its students, families and surrounding communities top-of-mind. It is facing a funding crisis that will determine its ability to continue to be innovative, provide programs that nurture creativity and forward thinking, while fostering safe and supportive environments for its students, teachers and staff. This is an investment in people, it is an investment in our collective future and one that has infinite dividends that are realized in home values, economic growth and the character of our society. I implore… Read more “President, Peoria Unified Governing Board”

David Sandoval